• Mixed salad with pastry, vegetables and fruit, dip on the side
  • Grilled meat, mixed vegetables and lemon on the side
  • Dessert pastry

Gianna Via’s

About Us

Warm tastes of tradition

Gianna Via's Restaurant & Bar is a locally owned Italian Restaurant that is proud to serve Pittsburgh, PA.

Stepping into Gianna Via’s means stepping into a world of rich flavors and aromas. As you watch thin-crust pizzas and pasta dishes travel toward your table, you’ll smell the melted cheese, garlic, and spices wafting from them. Each bite you take will be full of the warm tastes of tradition. And to wash down your food, you’ll be able to choose from our thoughtful list of craft beers, wines, and unique martinis. We’re a restaurant where people can gather and make memories with one another, and we can’t wait to serve you something you’ll all love.